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As a Digital Production Specialist at Nordstrom,


I deliver specialized production services for marketing design projects for I support Project Managers, Designers, and Digital Content Producers in production activities, including placing or cropping images, retouching, image compression, slicing, and converting of files for web. I also design and produce our weekly Beauty Gift With Purchase Diverts for our GWP Hub.


Below are examples of complex layouts, which include animations, carousels, and video. I ensure all design standards are met, prep the layered Photoshop files, slice, generate, optimize, and load assets to our Asset Management Platform. I also build animations, prep and load video files to YouTube, and provide detailed notes and slicing guides to our Digital Content Producers, so the pages display properly.

Page Design: Janie Winslow

Digital Production: Maria Esztergalyos

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Digital Production: Maria Esztergalyos

MARIA ESZTERGALYOS  cell:  206.291.2951  email:  linkedin

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