I developed a natural foods product line, Palmera Naturals, and launched my own Kickstarter Campaign.


  • Recipe and Product Development
  • Commercial Kitchen Production
  • Seek and Oversee Commercial Processing
  • Assist with Branding & Website Production
  • Marketing/PR/Photography
  • In-Store Product Demonstration
  • Retail, Wholesale, & Farmer's Market Sales
  • Created and Launched Kickstarter & Video Campaign(s).

Palmera Naturals sauces and rubs are 100% natural, made from non-traditional ingredients, and include coconut-derived goodness designed to please your palette and boost your health. They are Soy-Free, Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free, and Vegan with No Refined Sugar. Made with Coconut Aminos and Coconut Sugar.

Logo, Packaging Design, and Web Design Layout/Concept by : Parker Design House

MARIA ESZTERGALYOS  cell:  206.291.2951  email:  linkedin

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